CCP Ranks
Applicant - Someone who is applying for the CCP clan
Probie - Someone who has been accepted into the clan, but is still new, and is not yet fully accepted as a member
Member - A full blown member of the clan. A reliable friend, and a good gaming buddy.
Art Team Member - A member who is part of the art team. These people have a knack for making cool things, like signatures and avatars, as well as other art.
Tech Team Member - A member who is part of the tech team. These members are tech savvy, and are the ones to go to with technical troubles or if you just want to know more about computers and the like.
Special Positions
DIVLD - Short for Division Leader, these members are trusted with the operation of the different game divisions of the CCP clan. They can vote on applications and coordinate in game events for their division.
Council Member - A position of great power and responsibility. Council members vote on all applications regardless of division, and serve as moderators for the forums. They make the big decisions for the clan, and are here for support. Members are encouraged to talk to council members about any problems they may have, whether they are in game, on the forums, or in real life.
Veteran - Members of the clan who are well respected and well liked. They have either held a Staff/Council position at one point and stepped down, or are simply trusted members of the clan. These people will be able to take part in discussions with the council and provide ideas and extra points of view, however, the final decision is left to the actual council members.