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General Forum Rules:Topics: Before making a new topic, make sure you are making it in the right forum. Check to see if a similar topic has been made before. Make sure it contributes, and be clear about your subject. A general rule for topics is that it should be at least three lines long to be a good topic. Posts inside topics: Number one: No spamming! Spam posts will be deleted and the poster notified. Number two: No posts consisting of just smilies. There is a 10 smiley limit for these forums, any post containing more than 10 will be deleted. Number three: Make sure your post contributes and that it is on topic! Off topic posts will be deleted! Regarding Bad Grammer: Please use your best grammer and punctuation. Posts without proper grammer or punctuation will be deleted. 'Good Grammer' will be determined by staff, and the user will be warned if using bad grammer.Regarding Post Content: There are to be absoloutly no racist or sexist remarks in posts or regarding other members. There is to be no pornographic refrences or pictures in posts; failure to comply with either one of these rules will result in loss of member and posting privleges.Advertising: No advertising, we are not your billboard. This is Commando fan site not a advertising center. However, although you cannot freely advertise, you can PM Clonecommando007 requesting to advertise if you are advertising a Star Wars/Lego/Gaming product.Regarding Post Length: Your post must be a minimum of five words long. This is to prevent spam. If what you want to say is not five words, do not post it. There is no maximum post length. Members who do not comply with the minimum post rule will be warned; after three warnings, they will have a temporary ban placed on them.Violations: Every time a user violates a rule, they will be warned. Once three warnings for a user have been reached, that user will be deleted! However, the Clone Commando Pod staff have the right to ban or delete users without warning!Harrasment: If anyone posts harrasing or abusing content about another member in a post or in a private message, their account will dissapear. BOOM! Like that. No more access to the boards. If you recieve a private message that contains harrassing or abusive content, please notify me. I will look into it. C-box Rules:The following are the rules for the C-box:1. Do not spam. Spammers will be given warnings. After 5 Warnings, you will have a weeklong ban. Spamming is considered 6 or more messages in a row, or random miscellanious or uncontributing messages. Same goes for other rules. 2. Do not post in the Cbox as a random/innaproipriate name. 3. Try to make your Cbox name the exact same or similar to your username.4. Do not advertise in the Cbox! If you advertise in th Cbox from now on it will result in a warning. In this case. Two warnings for advertising in the Cbox and it's bye, bye