Review of Galaxy on Fire 1/2

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Review of Galaxy on Fire 1/2

Post by Edge on Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:59 am

First of all, Galaxy on fire is NOT a PC or console game, rather it is an iDevice game. The game is a space simulator, in the vein of Freelancer and X3. The gameplay centers around trade and battle in the first game, making it somewhat repetitive, but continues to be fun due to the large amount of expensive upgrades to be bought and tested. The second game builds on this mechanic and adds turrets and tractor beams, mining, and free flight, along with dozens of solar systems. The campaign is also improved from the original, and continues much later than just the first few missions. Now for the cons. The first game is rather repetitive in travel and missions. This reduces its lasting appeal and replay value. The second game Is less repetitive, but extremely boring in long distance travel, due to the fact that you have to go from solar system to solar system until you reach your destination. This changes when you obtain the so-called "Khador Drive" which allows you to jump anywhere in the a price of a few energy cells. Mining can also be a pain, however, it is rewarding when done right. Another annoying thing is that goods change at planets after a certain time; this results in your remembering a certain planet for a nice gun or shield, and when you go back after earning enough money, it's gone for good.
I think it's time for the verdict:
GoF1: 7.5/10

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