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The Witcher review

Post by zeb k on Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:33 pm

Mmkay well I got The Witcher working the othere day so I decided to review it. It's a very good single player RPG and pretty cheap. Only like $20 for the enhanced edition on Amazon. Dunno what it costs on Steam but probably not all that much since it's a few years old. It works on Windows xp, Vista, and 7(if it's not working for you on 7 then look at the youtube video frang posted a link to on my help desk thing). In the game you play as Geralt who's a Witcher which is a monster killer mutant(well the Witchers used to be human but they use potions and stuff to make them stronger and faster and stuff.) who lost his memory. The other Witchers found him in the wilderness and brought him back to there stronghold which is then attacked by bandits who steal the Witchers potion stuff which is like the Witchers biggest secret and part of the main quest is getting that back. Also at the same time there is a uprising of the nonhumans who are treated as worse then humans and stuff. That's the other part of the main quest: you can chose to support the humans or the nonhumans or stay neutral. The game has 3 different endings to the main quest and I like how in the during the game there are a lot of choices that you can make and there are no right or wrong choices there's just a decision and something happens because of it. The fighting and the animations are quite fluid with none of the choppyness that some oldisher games have(it's only a few years old but still). I think the alchemy aspect of the game is better then most single player RPGs because the potions and stuff are believeble then a lot of games. Oh yeah and this game is rated M and it's a pretty.... well M game. I mean I think the ratings are pretty spot on for The Witcher(usually they rate it to high) because.... well if you play it you'll see. Here is what it's rated for:
Blood and Gore. All in all it's not all that bloody or gory. Farely tame actually.
Partial Nudity. Well.... I mean there's a bit but not like a lot....
Strong Langauge. As one internet reviewer of The Witcher put it it has langauge to make your mothers hair curl. Hehe.
Violence. It has violence but not that much. I mean like a lot less then like CoD4 or something.
And of course the trump rating: Strong Sexual Content. .... Well.... lets just say that this rating is... the right one.
So all in all a great game. I'd give it 5 stars. But if your parents won't let you play M rated games then isn't the best one to argue about. You'd lose. But for all the older/parents don't care people then this game is def worth the money.
Here's a trailer

P.S. sorry if there are a bunch of spelling mistakes and sudden change in topic in there. It took a while to write and I kinda lost track. Hehe.
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