Command and Conquer 4

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Command and Conquer 4

Post by Jadeon on Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:22 pm

I read reviews on gamespot about this game and they said it was ok but not great but i watched vids on youtube and it looked kinda cool. so i was at a walmart one day and saw it for $15, then i took a glance at starcraft 2($65) and thought, what the heck ill get it. Ived had it for like a week now and i gotta say its pretty fun, honestly its nothing like the other C&C games, no resources or building, just crawlers and pre-built buildings and these tiberium crystal things. through all of its flaws and messups theres some good changes. EA should of made it its own game and not relate it to C&C cause its not. Overall its a good rts game.

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