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Token and Crown Farming Empty Token and Crown Farming

Post by Nawhal on Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:16 am

Looking for easy ways to make crowns? Well here's your answer:

First off you should have the appropriate 3* gear (at least) and have unlocked the Sovereign Slime mission (Rank 5-2, I believe.) Now here is where you have options. You could do the 2 floors (requires 20 energy) 4 times each for around 2500 crowns each time. This makes you have about 10k Cr with 20 energy left. Now, use that to buy 100 CE and do it all over again. I have made about 80,000 crowns with this method.

The other way, you can go the whole mission (30 energy) 3 times. This makes about 2.9 - 3.1k Cr. It takes a little while to beat the Jelly King, but if you have the right gear and good friends, there's no doubt. If you do this 3 times you have 10 energy left over, but still can make a profit of 3k crowns. Then repeat. The Jelly King also gives you 3-4 Jelly Gems, which can be used to buy 3* items, Brute Jelly Helm, Brute Jelly Shield, Brute Jelly Mail (all 15 tokens) and Sealed Sword and Antigua (20 tokens).

These can also be sold to vendors for 3500 cr a piece. So if you do 5 3 floor JK runs, you also get that extra 3500 cr. I do maybe 30 JK runs a day, so if anyone wants to join me feel free!

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Token and Crown Farming Empty Re: Token and Crown Farming

Post by Deviss on Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:45 am

When I get to that Mission, believe me I'll join you. Right now I'm working on getting enough Frumious Tokens from the Snarbolax.

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