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Post by BlyBly on Thu May 24, 2012 10:45 pm

I just finished watching this anime... again, and I feel I must spread this one.

Synopsis (No Major Spoilers):

This anime revolves around the story of Zwei, a man who wakes up with no memory of who he is. Forced to become an assassin for the mafia organization known as "Inferno." This series is separated into three acts that all focus on Zwei's changing view of the world.

Won't lie that sounds pretty boring when I write it down, but what sets this one apart is the characters. Very rarely do I find myself continue to watch one an anime because of the characters, due to the simple fact that they are all so 'perfect.' What I mean by this is that not a single character in this show is simple, while at the start they are very archetypical they all slowly start to transform into what feel like true humans (except for one who shall remain nameless here).


What can I say besides fitting. Too many times have I noticed a tv series that either mutes the music in each scene or chooses a song that is out of place. I can't say the same here, every song creates the right mood for the scene, and not only that I really like the music they use. Why not take a listen:


The animation looks good, but they do get lazy at times. I know it's petty but I get annoyed when characters stand around and don't breath. However I like the fact that every named character has a distinct look that won't cause confusion, and trust me when I say that is very important.


After sitting here trying to express my feelings fro this anime I have to say it goes down as one of my favorites. If you like stuff like Elfen Lied and Afro Samurai check this one out. Oh and be sure to watch the recap episodes, they do have important plot changes. If interested you can watch all 27 episodes on hulu for free.

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Post by frang on Fri May 25, 2012 9:43 pm

Thanks, BlyBly! I'm a big fan of anime, so I'll definitely check it out. There are an infinity of youtube video clips for this show. Here is the opening animation.

Here's another one. I'm not familiar with the series, so I don't know if this is the "best" scene.

No griping about the quality of the animation, guys! Anime made for TV is done on a tiny budget, this is about as good as it gets. Go with BlyBly's recommendation and give Phantom Requiem a try. GITS is a little better, but that was because it was a prestige franchise. You watch made-for-TV anime for the cool stories, the great characters, and sometimes the great music (especially when the composer Yoko Kanno is involved - yes I am a Yoko fanboy). For no apparent reason, a Yoko Kanno concert....

....weirdly, you only see Yoko in one momentary cut, and now the opening credits for a weird little anime about child assassins called Gunslinger Girl....

...gonna stop now.


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