ARMA II review.

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ARMA II review.

Post by zeb k on Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:50 am

YAY! I'm alive. Sort of. A lot going on, not much internet access(I thought it would be all over in CA....), and thinking of buying a cyclocross bike. If you've never seen a cyclocross race, look it up on YouTube. Of course, the bike I want costs $1200.... Anywayyyy. Back on topic. I find myself sitting in a Holiday Inn Express(way better than Motel 6(the cheapest). Motel 6 used to be okay, but they suck now. Paying for internet(which only one computer can use at the same time) and tiny rooms.) with some time on my hands. So I thought I'd write a game review. After eating a nice - free - hot breakfast(biscuits and omelets=EGG AND CHEESE BISCUIT! .... Don't you just love those things?) I plopped down to decide what game to review. Then I thought of ARMA II, a game that I bought to play the DayZ mod, which I never really did, because of the combination of immediately getting eaten by a zombie every time I joined a game, with no defense besides running, which is hard when there are zombies all around and if you run you're bound to run into some other zombies, and since they run at exactly the same speed, it's very hard to lose them. The second reason was that the non modded ARMA II is actually pretty good. Right about now I stop to book another night in the hotel and to watch a WoodysGamerTag video. So anyway. ARMA II.

Gameplay. First let me say that if you are a CoD player you will be surprised by ARMA II. ARMA II is a realistic military game(I'm not going to say shooter, even though you walk around with a gun) but then that wouldn't be saying much, as that's what CoD is called. Well lets say it's realistic as in you don't spend a lot of time shooting, and when you do it's usually at targets hard to spot and hard to hit, and if you get shot in the face, instead of getting some strawberry jam spilled on you're screen CoD style, you get you're brains plastered to the wall and have to restart. And instead of being shepherded through a series of pre arranged encounters and gun fights, you are given some tasks and you can wander around till you've finished. And I mean wander. The maps are huge. Luckily you can drive cars, fly helicopters and so on.

The story revolves around a US invasion of a country I can't remember the name of but it's some like Ukraine. I think. Or Russia. I don't know. Anyway, they invaded to root out a terrorist group that has it's bases there, and so on. You play as the leader of special operations unit Razor Team. Anyway, you work you're way through a series of mission, and you become more elite or whatever and so on. The story is actually quite interesting in my opinion, but I don't want to ruin it.

So as it has such a huge world map, you might expect bad graphics and so on, but no, it actually has decent graphics and nothing is really skimped on to save time or whatever. However, it shows, and the bottom of my laptop heats up very quickly and gets very hot while playing this game.

Overall judgement.
Overall, this was a great game and I enjoyed it quite a bit and I still am. But now I have to go to a bike shop to test ride a bike, so I need to stop this review around here. So for the price tag, it's a good buy and worth the money. Plus you can play the DayZ mod as an added bonus. 4 stars. Hope you enjoyed the review. Very Happy Very Happy

P.S. If I forgot anything in the review(sorta in a hurry now) let me know.
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Re: ARMA II review.

Post by frang on Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:46 pm

Thanks for the review. Some of the stuff I've read about ARMA II makes it appear to have a cult status among its players - mostly around the "start over" element and the predatory aspect of the zombi game (players can kill and loot other players).

Have you tried Extended Stay Hotels? They're all over California. The one I was in a couple years ago had a desk, a kitchen table, and a real kitchen.


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