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Post by zeb k on Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:25 pm

Game: Disonored
Genre: Stealth Action Assassination
Developer: Arkane
Publisher: Bethesda
Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Dishonored is a game that when announced at E3 I was dubious about it, as it didn't look like my style of game. But with the mindless faith that anything with Bethesda's name anywhere near it will be good, I decided what the hell, and I went and got it. I played through the game. I stopped. I ate a cracker. I decided to write a review.

In the story you play as Corvo something-or-other, the royal bodyguard to the empress and her daughter in a victorian era englandish unnamed location. Or the city is named, but I dunno where it's suppose to be. But you might wonder how he got the job, as about 5 minutes in the empress it stabbed and her daughter is kidnapped. But I guess it's forgivable as the assassin's are some kind of magic and some other stuff. Anyway, after waiting in prison for 6 months some unnamed people give you a key to your cell and you break out of prison. After meeting up with them, you go on a series of missions to find the empress's daughter and kill a series of people to overthrow the people that killed the empress.

The gameplay is mostly stealth based if you choose to play it that way(the way I played it), but if you want it can be a combat based game as well. You creep around in the shadows trying not to be seen, but if you do screw up it's just a matter of a few crossbow bolts and a couple slit throats and you're in the clear. Ideally when choosing the stealth path you knock out guards and sneak around, but also you can do a variety of stealth assassinations. However this is the base of my biggest nitpick about the game. It has a god damn moral choice system. No we do not! the game cries. Do whatever you want, we don't judge. But they do. There is a "good" ending and a "bad" ending depending on how many people you kill. So even when the guards are throwing bodies into the river and stealing money from helpless cripples, if you kill them then that makes you "bad" which I find annoying. But still, compared to how good the game is, this is a minor annoyance. Anyway. After the first mission or so, you gain the power to unlock special powers

The graphics are very nice looking overall, and with some interesting new designs for the characters and so on. The city has a very well designed grimness about it, and the graphics overall are nice, but not to over the top so that most PC gamers should be able to run the game fine(not a problem for console gamers, but I have had much disappointment when games won't run because of stupid over the top graphics).

So overall, Dishonored is a great game, I would recommend it to anyone, and the best part? For today and tomorrow(cyber monday!) the game is 50% off on Amazon, bringing it down to 30 bucks. Dishonored is so enjoyable I can see myself replaying it again in the near future. I would say that is is my 2012 Game of the Year. There have been a lot of good games this year, but in my opinion, Dishonored takes to cake. Thanks for reading!
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