"Tears of the Sun"

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"Tears of the Sun"

Post by Denjie on Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:40 pm

ďI donít know if it was a good thing. Feels like so long since I did a good thing, a right thing.Ē

A man torn between his duty and his conscience.

A 2003 war film that captures the struggle of a group of Navy Seals trying to do the right thing that eventually puts them between life and death.

This movie has us following a group of Navy Seals on an extraction mission for a doctor. The Seals are led by Lt. A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) who is a hardened veteran that does his job and works to not care about what happens beyond the mission.

The film progresses from the Seals being inserted behind enemy lines to them finding the doctor and the internal struggles that ensue between the team and the doctor. Lt. Waters battles the conflict of wanting to just grab the doctor and run or helping her people and putting them all at risk. Through out the movie we see his men speak up against what heís doing, never the less they follow his command. Their brotherhood is shown in the latter half the movie. In the end, Waters conscience over rides his duty but he still pulls through with his team even though they lose some of their brothers. They complete the mission and get the doctors people to safety. A bittersweet ending for a group of brave men.


I remember in some movie thread a long time ago either Fox or Frang mentioned this film. I found it in Goodwill on VHS recently and decided to nab it.

For a Special Forces movie it is great, it does a good job of depicting the relationship between team members and their interaction with Willisís character. The environment kept me drawn in for the majority of the movie. A lot of times things are just quiet in the film, but that doesnít take away from any of it. To the contrary, it adds to it that much more. When the characters stop talking, their signals and facials expressions speak everything you need to know. As things further progressed I felt that old gut feeling in me when it comes to war movies and the situation, should they just do their duty or do the right thing? Many times we ask ourselves if weíre doing the right thing, can we live with our choices. When I see movies or read books that are like this, I have to wonder just how much of an intense struggle it is for those men to do those things. What part of them do they have to leave behind or ignore? It makes my respect for them grow further.

Now Iíve never seen Bruce Willis except for the Die Hard movies, and Iíve only seen 1 and 2 for their entirety. So seeing Willis in this kind of role with out throwing words around left and right the whole time was interesting and took me by surprise a bit. He definitely gave the quiet, tough Seal persona quite well and when showing his emotions he gave it in typical Willis style. Hard and not easy to break through.

This is also the first Special Forces movie Iíve seen depicting Seals since I watched Act of Valor. Now I will admit that after watching Act of Valor this film felt staged which to a certain extent took away from the movie for me. However, Willis and his fellow actors did a great job with pulling off the attitude, personality, and relationship of Seals.

Over all, I recommend this movie to anyone with a liking for war/special forces movies. The depiction is good, the acting well done, and story kept me going from start to finish.

Thank you for reading.


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