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Helpful LoL websites. Empty Helpful LoL websites.

Post by ManEatingWaffle on Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:54 pm

Hey guys, I've come to compile a list of helpful websites, full or rich resources and info to get you on top in League of Legends! Maybe not on top, but they will be helpful! Very Happy
- Mobafire has great champion guides, as well as info on items and so on.
- Solomid also has some good champion guides, as well as info on items, I believe both Solomid and Mobafire have streams as well as some tournaments. and are both good resources as well, but I use them not quite as often as the first two. is a favorite of mine. You can search a summoners name and see recent games and other info about that summoner. They have some quite interesting info if you're looking into competitive games aswell.

Last on my list, but not least is - This is Riot's site, and has just about everything from how to play to champion art and skin ideas.

Don't forget about our very own CCP! Very Happy
If you know of any more, just post them below, and they will be added.


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