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Rising from the Dark Empty Rising from the Dark

Post by Denjie on Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:19 pm

A poem I wrote in the past few days -

A broken road,
A broken path.
Through blood and tear's,
We're saved from wrath.

With darkened skies,
And a shattered heart.
The soul cries out,
For God to do his part.

With crashing tides, come lightening seared;
We rise from a path that's been cleared.
Fists raised up, we will part the darkened sky;
Nothing will stand against us for the end is nigh.

Cracks in the ground, hellfire soared;
Down from the sky the acid down poured.

Flooded and sinking, our arms that are linking;
Feet on the ground as we gather around.
This is our time, our time to rise;
Standing up strong and breaking the ties.

Darkness ripped with light we gain,
Curing those which were not sane.
Going forth across land,
A generation that will fight with sand.
We will not bow nor will we fall,
Instead this generation will answer the call.

- Comments appreciated.


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