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Post by Denjie on Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:58 am

"I am, The Wolveine."

The journey of a man making peace with himself.

The Wolverine is set after X-Men 3, here we see that logan has gone off to live in the mountains somewhere and live alone. He's constantly dreaming about his past now, with brief intruding moments of Jean-Gray who in his mind is trying to get if to "come to her" in the other side of life. Certain events draw him out of the mountain life and thrust him back into the world from which he fled. A long ago friend summoned him which start the string events that lead to Wolverine dealing with his inner demons and finally by the end coming to terms with who and what he is.


So going into this movie I was quite excited, I've always been an X-Men fan and even more so a Wolverine fan. When a sequel was first mentioned shortly after Origins came out I was quite excited then and continued to be hopeful till it was confirmed and then released. I had very little reservations going into the film either other than the whole Japanese theme to it. If this has any sort of tie-in to the comics then I am oblivious to it. I have never really dug into the comicís so on that aspect I am seriously lacking knowledge on the story being legitimate to such materials. The language was always somewhat off in the movie and didn't quite stick the way the writers/directors may have been thinking. However, on a strictly movie viewpoint of it I personally believe it hit par with it's deliverance.

Hugh Jackman has always delivered a top-notch performance when it comes to Wolverine and in this one he is no different. He completely draws in the emotions mixed with brutality and when he is questioning himself it often leaves you questioning him as well only for both him and the audience to have the answers come forth in a satisfying way. I personally believe that Hugh has placed the par now with himself on bringing out the persona of The Wolverine in its entirety. He explores every emotion and action with the reactions and consequences that accompany those responses. He will always and forever be Wolverine and I donít think I could ever see anyone else as Wolverine.

The rest of the cast did their parts rather well to bring the story around. Yukio, the Japanese ninja mutant who befriends Wolverine is a likable character and gives that balance of humanity that often lacks with Wolverines brutality. The biggest thing that going on with the supporting cast, is except for Hugh Jackman they are all relatively new to the big screen or I just havenít seen them in any other movies. Since thus is the case I cannot give a true comparison on how they work overall but again, they did a great job of keeping the story line running and connecting the pieces.
As some of you may know, the main villain in the movie is Lady Viper, now I had never heard of her until this movie so I again cannot compare her live performance to the comic series. However, if the comic is on par with or more intense than the movie Iíd say Wolverine had one hell of a time taking her out in the comics. The secondary villain is the Silver Samurai, now I have read up on him and I honestly think they pulled his character off great. The whole story leading up to the Silver Samurai and then his demise came as a good twist and reveal to the rest of the movie. The final confrontation came down to Adamantium vs Adamantium and Wolverine came through beautifully with his inner strength and drive.

This is a movie I urge you to see for yourself, great acting, great story, and a great deliverance. The Wolverine strikes hot and where it counts.

I give the movie a 4 out of 5, and the only reason behind that is the awkwardly placed language. Made no sense in some places and just didnít even sound like that character in other places.

Thank you for reading.


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A journey continued...


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Post by frang on Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:18 am

Thanks for the review. I have a second-run theater nearby, so I'll probably catch the movie there in a few weeks.


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