Rules for Clan Registration:
1.  It is strongly recommended that you play one of our currently supported games. If you do not however, it's no problem. 
2.  You must have Internet access and be able to communicate with Clan Members through Xfire, Steam or through the Forums.
3.  You must be active on the Forums! Even if it's a once-a-week-visit, we want to see you here!
4.  You must be approved by the CCP Staff before you put your tags on in any multiplayer.
5.  You MUST comply with the CCP Clan Online Policies!  Failure to comply will result in a warning, and then, depending on the severity of what you did, subsequent Banning from the Clan. 
6.  You MUST have and be active on either Xfire or Steam. Like Policy number two, even if it's once a week, we want to see you participate!
The Use of Xfire and Steam:
In order for other Members to contact each other outside of the Forums, the CCP Clan endorses the use of 'Xfire', a Gaming instant messaging system. Xfire allows players to see what game players are on and what server, making co-op play a reality. It also allows in-game chat, allowing a player to instant message a non-player. To download Xfire, go to
The CCP Clan also endorses the use of 'Steam', a game hub with built in chat. Steam makes it easy to download and play new supported games with the members of the clan and see what games friends are playing. It also provides a chat function for communication between clan members outside of the forums. To download Steam, go to
If it wasn't stressed enough above, to join the CCP Clan having Xfire or Steam is an important requirement! If you do not have either Xfire or Steam, your application will not be accepted. However, you can submit your application first and then download either Xfire or Steam.