Welcome to The Clone Commando Pod Community.
A group of people from all over the world that play a diverse selection games.
This site for the Community features many areas of interest.  Which include Game discussion, Media section for those more inclined towards artwork, writing and video editing, Reviews and Music, and the Secure area for our members.
The Clone Commando Pod was founded in July of 2007 as a Star Wars Lego discussion site, and soon grew into a bustling community.  The Clone Commando Pod expanded to encompase the game Star Wars:  Republic Commando, and a clan for the game, called the CCP, grew up.  The old forum became too diverse, however, and in Febuary 2008, the clan moved to a new forum.
Clan members often set up clan games via Xfire (which is still used today), an instant messaging system for gamers.  CCP games occurred several times a week, and players often met on the CCP clan server they had back then.  The Clone Commando Pod Clan had several experienced Republic Commando players that enjoyed helping one another out. Some of those Members are still here today and working to keep CCP alive and give it a bright future through whatever changes are made.
Republic Commando died off sadly, but through some tough times and hard work though, CCP has evolved from the solitary Clan into a growing Community of people who not only enjoy gaming, but also enjoy art, writing, and tech amongst other things. We want to think this as not just a group, but also a family who are there to support each other. We've had some rough times, but those who have stuck with it and helped things along are the ones who intend to keep CCP going strong. Some of those Members from the Clan days are still here today.
Currently CCP is supporting two mmorpg's and a F2P TPS,
  • League of Legends
  • Spiral Knights
  • Team Fortress 2
    We are not just closed to those though, we are of an open mindset towards any game that we believe will be of worth investing time in.
     The CCP Community is exclusive, but membership is not hard and CCP strives to have it's members and up and coming members feel welcome and at home.  To look at the app process simply go to the How to Join section  for instructions.