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Post by Rinku on Fri Aug 20, 2010 7:34 pm

All his life a man works to prove himself. From the day he starts school to the day he graduates. To the day the gets his first job and to the day he gets married. From when he has his first child and has his last. What most people consider ordinary are how they should live their lives. You grow up, work, get married, and die with lesser events in between. Growing up as children you are told you can do what ever you want. In rare cases that is true. Provided you have the opportunities, sure, anything is possible.

This is a story about a talented young man. All his life he grew up doing what he loved. As a child though he had no idea where he would end up. People admired what he had that they did not. Determination, skill, and support from his friends he was able to achieve where he wanted to be. He loved what he did. The "game" was his passion. And tonight he would make a stand in one of the most important moments of his life.

In the heat of battle all it came down to was pure adrenaline and reflexes. The predators surround you, determined to take whats rightfully yours. As they clear away preparing for their final attack, on breaks off on a final attack. Almost as in slow motion the predator dashes at you and in a split second breaks left and shoots. You over-eagerly anticipated his attack wrong as the puck flies past you but by the faintest stroke of luck you throw back your stick and, almost like magic, the net stays undisturbed. The puck drifts away down the ice and the opponent has a look of bitter disappointment on his face.

At last the victory is yours. You have stopped the final shot of the game and your team is victorious. As you step forward to take the massive cup-shaped trophy in front of you, you realize that this was your moment. You have proved yourself for the world to see.

P.S. Sorry about the ending. I was getting tired so its worse than the rest.

Also, sorry for grammatical errors.


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